My new eBook, 10 Steps to Busting Your Brick Wall: A Guide for the Frustrated Genealogist, is now available for sale on Amazon!

Brick walls.

We all have them. That one ancestor that just doesn’t want to be found. That one branch of our family tree that we keep coming back to, much like the way a child can’t seem to stop poking at a loose tooth, even though it hurts.
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They are the gap in our otherwise full family tree, the missing piece in the puzzle of our ancestors. We find ourselves wondering about our mysterious ancestor at odd moments throughout the day, wondering about what their life was like and where they came from or where they went when they disappeared.

For months, we obsess about them, searching in every obscure database we can find, following leads that lead us down rabbit holes but never to the right answer. We set them aside for a time and then we return to search once more.

This book will walk through a ten-step research process that you can follow to finally solve the mystery that is your brick wall ancestor. The strategies described here are ones that I’ve used time and time again to find my own elusive ancestors, the ones that I would have sworn were transported here from another planet, rather than being born like ordinary mortals.

After years of fruitless searching, I’ve uncovered fascinating family stories and met new ancestors, simply by following this simple ten-step process.


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