Findmypast Buys Origins

On June 16, Find My Past announced that they bought Said Elaine Collins, the Partnership Director of Find My Past:

We are delighted to bring Origins and its founder, Ian Galbraith, into the Findmypast group of family history brands.  By joining together, we are able to offer customers the most comprehensive collection of British and Irish online records.   This rich collection will help descendants of early North American settlers to bridge the gap to the old country, as well as anyone with UK ancestry looking to delve beyond 19th and 20th century records.

Ian Galbraith, founder of Origins, said:

The partnership with Findmypast makes perfect sense for both companies and their customers. We have had a long association and together we can offer a broader family history experience and help people to fill in the blanks on the family tree and enrich their family story.

The record sets from Origins will be brought into Findmypast over the next few months and the Origins website will continue to run as usual.

Findmypast Buys Mocavo

A week later, on June 23, Find My Past announced that they had bought and a discrete “a findmypast company” now appears below the Mocavo logo on their home page.

With the acquisition of Mocavo, Findmypast is combining their years of experience with the family history business with Mocavo’s innovative technology. Whether this combination does indeed make them a global leader in technology remains to be seen. What this acquisition will mean for users of both websites is so far unclear. At the end of their press release, Findmypast simply told the community:

Stay tuned – the future of our past is here.

Sounds as though some changes might be on their way with this acquisition!

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