Jet lag does not appear to be an issue.  I just woke up a bit ago and it was 7am local time (so 2 in the morning at home) and I’m feeling pretty well rested too.  Might have slept a bit longer but I ‘played’ with radiator as per the owner’s instructions and managed to turn it off, I think.  It is a tad cold in here but got it going now so hopefully it warms up soon.

More importantly, I got my electrical adapter to work so I have charging power.  I was beginning to think I’d have to get through the week on 8 hours of battery!   Anyway, there’s nothing like a night’s sleep to make things better.  My room is brilliant!  It looks like the pictures but a little quainter which is a good thing and best of all, has a walk out to a private terrace with a view of the ocean.

Today’s mission is to get a bus pass and find my way to the archives.  I think it is finally warming up in here (and I found my slippers) so I need to get a shower and get moving.  Breakfast is between half 8 and half 9 which took me a minute to figure out but it is what it sounds like.  Alright, off to figure out the shower.  Looks quite nice but I have no clue how it will work….Breakfast was a “full English” consisting of scrambled eggs, back bacon, grilled tomato, baked beans and fried mushrooms.  After some planning in my room, I ventured out and found the bus to Newport all by myself and then managed, despite a rather sketchy map to find the archives – probably about a mile or so from the bus station.

At least I walked a mile there.  I think it will only be about a half mile to walk back now I know the way.  I found three wills from my Williams line at the archives that I was hoping to get and I started looking through some parish records.  The archives close up at noon for a half hour so I walked back to town for lunch.  I had chips wrapped in paper and walked around sight-seeing while I ate them.

I managed to find my way back to the hotel without going astray.  Tomorrow I might ride the top floor of the bus, now I know where I’m going.  I walked to the village for dinner and had a very amazing Italian meal tonight with grilled veggies and feta to start and an Italian pork in sauce for the entrée “with veg” (I’m learning to speak British) and then apple crumble for dessert, with a large glass of wine for only 16 pounds.  I quite like it here.

Since I wasn’t able to get Skype working at the hotel and there was no Wi-Fi at the archives I decided to get a voice Euro plan for the iPhone so I could call mom.  I just couldn’t imagine .  not being able to call her all week.  It wasn’t cheap but far better than the $2 a minute one would normally pay.

When I got to the hotel tonight there was this package waiting for me in my room.  Opening it, I found a bottle of wine and various high-end snacks.  This is pretty cool – I should travel more often.

Archive lady has given ok for me to scan their index cards tomorrow for the 2 pounds 50 fee they normally charge for digital photography.  She thought my gizmo was way cool.  Actually I think she said “brilliant” which is my favorite British word along with “cheers”.  Every single person getting off the bus this morning said either thanks or cheers to the driver.  Can you imagine that anywhere else?!  Maybe they’re just so thankful to be alive still?

Everything here is amazing.  Just like I’ve imagined it to be and we all know how seldom that happens.  Anyway, think I’ll settle in for the night.  It’s 9:15 here, 4:15 in the afternoon there and I’m ready to relax with a book.  Guess I don’t have jet lag.


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