I’m currently writing a novel based on my great-grandmother’s life and frequently need to know what day of the week that a certain event happened. I’ve been using a calendar for the years I’m writing about which is working but is a little cumbersome since it means that I’m frequently flipping screens.

While installing a new theme on Out of My Tree Genealogy, more on that later, I was reviewing old posts and discovered this one from back in 2015 about Google’s Perpetual Calendar, a Google feature I’d forgotten about, and decided to update it for 2018 with something even better.

Google Search for Day of the Week

In the search box, simply type the word day, followed by the date, and it will return the day of the week. Thanks Google!


Google Home for Day of the Week

But even better in 2018, I now have a Google Home device in my office where I do most of my writing. It is a great addition to my writing tools. She plays my instrumental playlist while I write and she’s great at setting a timer for me so I know when it is time to save my work and finish up for the day, very helpful since I sometimes get in the writing zone and lose all track of time.

Now she has another writing tool for me. All I need to do is ask Google what day it was on a date in history and she tells me.

And if you don’t have a Google Home device yet, you can simply ask Google Assistant on your smartphone.

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