My father was a trumpet player from the late 1930’s through 1969 when he retired from the music business after suffering a serious heart attack while playing in a New Years Eve day telethon on CFTO, channel 9 in Toronto.

He worked at various jobs over the years but his passion was music and travelled all over Ontario with his band playing whenever and wherever they could, advertising in the Toronto newspapers as Jack Bond and his Golden Trumpet.  In the 1960’s they entered the Yorkville scene in Toronto, first with the Piccadilly Club and later with the Avenue Road Club.

I never actually heard him play the trumpet but I remember well going to the club with him during the day.  He would turn on the disco ball for me and I’d run around the dance floor, trying to catch the spots.

This short movie clip is a tribute to his musical career.  It was created using Muvee Reveal software from photographs in my personal collection and the sound track and features Jack Bond, playing his Golden Trumpet.

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