If you have a young child in your family, you’ll want to check out the Kickstarter Campaign started by Troy Hallewell that I backed this week. Troy is trying to raise money to complete an illustrated children’s book called The People Who Made Me, a book that will tell a story about the people who were their ancestors. If the campaign is successful, I just know my grandson will love this book. It is never too early to get the younger generation interested in genealogy!

Troy has already found an amazing illustrator that did the sample drawing on this post and he is raising money to pay for the rest of the illustrations for the book. The full text of the book is posted over on Kickstarter but just to whet your appetite, the first stanza is:

Everyone who’s ever lived has had a dad and mom
And they did too, it goes far back, a line so very long
Those who lived before us we call our “ancestry”
Those people, who made the people, who made the people, who made me

There are only eight days left in the campaign, so go have a look at this great opportunity today.

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