IFTTT is a free service that lets you create connections between different accounts and apps to perform actions based on events or triggers.



As an example, I created a recipe that would add every post in Google Reader that I marked as a favourite to a special notebook in my Evernote account so I could access and search it later. The possibilities in IFTTT are endless and are only limited by your imagination, but if you just want to try it out, there are hundreds of recipes, already created by other users that you can try out with your own accounts.

Some popular recipes are:

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  • Email me ’10 Things To Know This Morning’ – this will send you an email with the top posts from an RSS feed like that from your favourite genealogy blog.
  • Every time you are tagged in a photo on Facebook, send the photo to Dropbox
  • If you mark a Gmail email with a star, send it to Evernote
  • Dictate a voice memo and email the transcription and an MP3 to yourself
  • Share your latest blog post on Facebook or Twitter
  • Create a new photo blog post whenever you upload a new photo to Flickr and tag it #wp
  • Send me a birthday reminder via SMS on the day of someone’s birthday every year
  • Backup from Dropbox to GDrive
  • Add Amazon wishlist items to Evernote

If you find yourself struggling to keep up with your blog, your facebook page, your twitter account and all the other social media, creating IFTTT recipes to automate postings could be the answer to finding more time for good old fashion genealogy research.


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