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An Irish Family Left Behind?

In my last post, I wrote about a breakthrough in my research surrounding my great-grandmother Jessie and a new Mystery in Montreal I have...

Mystery in Montreal

For years, I had a seven-year gap in my great-grandmother's story. The good news is that I've had several genealogical break-throughs this week. The...
Square Peg in a Round Hole: The Dangers of Confirmation Bias

The Dangers of Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is our tendency to favour information that confirms our beliefs or hypotheses. People tend to gather or remember information selectively, or interpret it...
Always Daddy’s Little Girl-2158

Always Daddy’s Little Girl

No matter how old you get, you're always a little girl to your father. I stumbled across this note from my father today while...
Sentimental Sunday | Ancestral Calendar Highlights Week of July 14-1626

Sentimental Sunday | Ancestral Calendar Highlights Week of July 14

It seems that July was a popular month for weddings in my family. On my ancestral calendar for the week of July 14th to...
Methodology Monday | Beyond Online Records-1465

Beyond Online Records

From census records to vital records and many things in between, records for genealogy research are increasingly available online in searchable databases, even complete...
Field of poppies and crosses to remember our veteran ancestors on Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day

This Remembrance Day, I'm thinking of my ancestors who fought for Canada in WWI. Not long after England declared war on Germany, my grandfather, John...
My Childhood Home

My Childhood Home

Today I walked in my childhood steps on Google's street view. I saw my ancestral home, much, much different from what I remember. The six-foot...

John Daniel Bond – Musician

  My father was John Daniel Bond. He was an electronics technician by trade but was a musician at heart and played any instrument that he could get...

Jessie Bond the Widow

When Jessie became a widow, she was only thirty six years old. William had left her with four small children aged ten, eight, five...

William Bond and Jessie Harriet Williams – The Married Years

Although Jessie was only twenty one to William’s thirty six, they had no choice but to marry with the baby on the way.  But...

William Bond – Early Years

William Bond was born on 11 April 1843,  a scant two months after the marriage of his parents, Thomas Bond and Alice Barnes. He...

William Bond and Jessie Williams

1. William BOND was born on 11 April 1843 in Kirkham, Lancashire, England and was baptised 18 April 1843 at St. Michael’s Church in...

Early Motion Pictures in Montreal – 1910 to 1916 – Before the War

My grandfather, John Arthur Bond, was born in London, England in 1890.  He immigrated to Montreal, Quebec in about 1894.  At the time of...

The Pig and Whistle Show

In the 1960's, my father, Jack Bond, collaborated on several projects with Ken Stanley, a friend and fellow musician.  Ken was the musical director of the...

Jack Bond and His Golden Trumpet

My father was a trumpet player from the late 1930's through 1969 when he retired from the music business after suffering a serious heart...

Poor House, Infirmary and Industrial School – The Bond Family in London

Raine Street Workhouse Admission and discharge register Admission November 26, 1890 Bond, William Born 1848 Able bodied man Number affixed to pauper’s clothing 111 Religion C of E Admitted by Barnes Reason –...

William Bond Jr in WW1

William Bond Jr enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force on 10 February 1916.  According to his attestation papers, he was born 22 November 1894...

Laura Alice found in Washington!

Laura Alice Bond was born on 14 Aug 1882 in Female Hospital, Woolwich, London, England. She married Eugene Lawrence, son of Edward T Lawrence...

William and Jessie in 1891

It was never an easy life for William and Jessie Bond and their appearance in the 1891 census is no exception. After much searching, the...