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Polly – Chapter 6

If the story of early Canada was written by fur traders, the railways and politicians, between 1939 and 1945, every man, woman and child...

Polly – Chapter 5

Toronto still loved a military parade. Groups supporting peace, abolishment of weapons and disbanding of regular military forces as yet had not enough support...

Polly – Chapter 4

Just as the veterans were returning home, thousands were thrown out of work as the munitions factories closed down. The Canadian Labour Movement was...

Polly – Chapter 3

The glory days of the British Empire were in full swing. The English presence was in every part of the world. School children saw...

Polly – Chapter 2

In 1906, Toronto had a population of approximately 350,000. East Toronto, Toronto Junction and North Toronto were separate towns. Scarborough was a farming settlement...

Polly – Chapter 1

The North Atlantic at its best is unpredictable, but in December it is like a thing possessed of many demons, rendering the air with...

Polly – by Irene Macrae

I have assembled and written this story for the benefit of my children and grandchildren and those other family members who don’t know very...

Cordelia Esther

Cordelia Esther Birch was born in Lancaster, Lancashire on the 25th of April 1791.  She married Thomas Bond on 11 Aug 1822 in Prestwich, Lancashire.  They had...
Nana and Me

Visiting Nana

Winifred Bond (nee Bulmer) was my dad's mother and my Nana. When I was about three years old, my Grandpa died and Nana came to...

Where was Jessie?

I can't find any signs of Jessie Bond in the Montreal directories from 1894 until 1900 but I know that she married Thomas? Sullivan...

Alice Bond nee Barnes

I received Alice Bond (nee Barnes) death certificate in the mail today and found a clue that I wasn't expecting.  Under "Signature, description and residence...

William and Jessie

I just received the two marriage certificates for William Bond and Jessie Williams and to my great surprise, they are both for my William...

Breaking News from 1901 Montreal – I found Jessie!

Montreal, District 175, Saint-Antoine, Sub-district A-4, Family 7, page 1  Sullivan, Thimothe, male, blanc (white), chef (head), married, born 16 Jan 1856, aged 45, born...

Bond Graves in Preston Cemetery

Section: 37 GRAVE No. 12395 PERSON No. 01 Thomas BOND Died Wednesday, May 4 1859, Aged 9 Born in the year 1850 Relationship to Head: Son PERSON No. 02 Mr Thomas BOND Died...
Family heirloom pocket watch

JA Bond’s pocket watch

Pa Bond's watch. Doesn't work though. I remember a story that someone took it apart to see how it worked... Maybe my dad.  Sounds...

Nana’s Music Box

Nana's music box.  This was a gift from Pa Bond to Nana.  I'm not sure of the date but the song it plays "Yes...

Coroner’s Inquest – William Bond – Accidental Death?

Although it is rare that records from Coroner's Inquests survive, I was able to obtain the following records from the inquest into my great-grandfather...