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Hide and Seek: Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are

Do you ever feel as though your ancestors are playing hide and seek with you? Do you want to shout: Come out come out...

5 Census Search Strategies

My third great-grandparents were Edward and Mary Ann Brazier and they were from the Black country in an area where Worcestershire and Staffordshire intersect...
More than one right way to enter Census in RootsMagic

Census Entry in RootsMagic

There are many ways to do census entry in RootsMagic. This post is about how I enter mine. There is a right way, a wrong...
retire Family Tree Maker

Ancestry to Sunset Family Tree Maker Software

Yesterday on their blog, Ancestry made the shocking announcement that they planned to retire the Family Tree Maker software, news that will no doubt...
Ancestry DNA

Surprise! My Ancestry DNA Results

Only days after the Ancestry Autosomal DNA test finally became available in Canada, I ordered my kit. Although I tested with FamilyTree DNA some...
Sheffield Resources on Ancestry

Sheffield Resources at Ancestry

In Thursday's post, I listed several fantastic websites for Sheffield Family History research. Today I'm visiting Ancestry and searching the card catalogue for Sheffield...