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Take Your Ancestors on a Road Trip with RootsMagic to Go

RootsMagic To-Go 

Going on a road trip? Why not take your ancestors with you with RootsMagic To-Go? Why Do I Use RootsMagic To-Go? When I travel specifically...
More than one right way to enter Census in RootsMagic

Census Entry in RootsMagic

There are many ways to do census entry in RootsMagic. This post is about how I enter mine. There is a right way, a wrong...

TreeShare: Census or Residence?

Are you struggling with the TreeShare: Census or Residence dilemma? Since the release of the RootsMagic TreeShare feature, I've seen several discussions about how to...
FAN Fact in Roots Magic

Friends, Neighbours and Acquaintances – FAN Fact in Roots Magic

In a recent post in the Busting Your Brick Wall Challenge, I talked about researching the friends, neighbours and acquaintances of our ancestors and...
Find My Past Genealogy records search

RootsMagic Adds Find My Past Web Hints

Just in time for the National Genealogical Society Conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, RootsMagic announced that they have added Find My Past records to...
Wrong Way, My Way, Right Way

When You Don’t Know Their Name

Last week, I stumbled on a fascinating discussion over on the RootsMagic Facebook page regarding the preferred way to deal with entering the name...
Square Peg in a Round Hole: The Dangers of Confirmation Bias

The Dangers of Confirmation Bias

Confirmation Bias is our tendency to favour information that confirms our beliefs or hypotheses. People tend to gather or remember information selectively, or interpret it...

RootsMagic Can Import Family Tree Maker

In December 2015, Ancestry rocked the genealogy community when they suddenly announced that they would be discontinuing Family Tree Maker, effective immediately. Users were...
Tech Tuesday | Roots Magic To-Do List-1304

Roots Magic To-Do List

Whether you're planning a trip to the Family History Library in Salt Lake City or ordering films from the FHL to your local Family...