How will you leave your digital legacy? is a new website from England that is designed as a place to upload your photographs, your videos and your greatest life moments.

However, unlike most websites of this type, mytimelibrary is not a social sharing site. It is designed to be kept private and to be only accessible by the account holder as long as they are alive. Once they pass away, it becomes live and viewable by the public and for your future generations to enjoy. lets you start at the day you were born and upload photos and films and record memories from that day onwards. There is a section for the user to create a diary and record their everyday thoughts. Users are encouraged to add as many e-mail addresses as possible so that they can be emailed once the user passes away. As a unique feature, the program has places for you to put some requests, information or things that you would like to be done in your memory and to leave special messages for someone after you are gone. One designated person can be appointed as your executor that will be instructed to log in to your account and indicate that you have passed, triggering the account to become visible and the notifications to be sent to your contacts.

The site is initially free to use to give you the opportunity to see how it works and to get started building a digital legacy. The number of entries and number of images that can be uploaded are limited under the free account but can be increased by paying a small annual subscription.

This all seems a little creepy to me although it does make a lot of sense from a practical point of view. I’ve already started to think about what will happen when I pass away. How on earth will my executor know of all my online business: my websites, my blogs, my email addresses, my Facebook and Twitter accounts and my annual subscriptions?! I’m just not sure that creating an online repository is the right way to deal with the issue.

I’m going to have to sleep on this one for a while. What is your opinion on the idea? Will you leave a digital legacy?

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  1. Thanks for your piece, I most definitely will be leaving a digital legacy I have spent far to long creating my digital life, at last check I had over 80 different login and accounts on-line. I have put everything into Cirrus Legacy, a digital legacy service to ensure that everything I have created or own goes to where it should do when I die, the site is here if you want to take a look

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