If you read yesterday’s post on Feedly for mobile, then you’ve probably already downloaded Feedly from your favourite app store for your phone or tablet and you’re going to be very pleased to find that you can also use Feedly on your desktop in your best-loved browser.

To view Feedly in your Chrome browser, download the Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store. Search the store for Feedly and click the + Add to Chrome button to install it.

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If your favourite browser is Firefox, you will need to install the Feedly addon from the Firefox Addon Page.  Click the +Add to Firefox button and then click Install Now.  Login to your Google account if necessary and go to feedly.com to view your feed.

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Feedly is also available for Safari and you can view the instructions to install the Safari extension on Feedly’s blog.

Unfortunately Feedly is not available for Internet Explorer at this time but if you’ve been thinking about updating to one of the newer browsers, then perhaps Feedly will be your reason to switch!

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  1. Firefox is my favorite browser, but at work they only allow Internet Explorer. So, while at work or working from home, I don’t have access to Feedly. 🙁

    • Sadly, I have the same problem at work and even more sadly, I AM the network administrator that does not allow anything but IE! It would be great if Chrome and Firefox browsers were made more corporate friendly with their updates but until then, I use the Feedly app on my smart phone during my breaks 🙂

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