Everyday, I drive past a tiny old cemetery in what used to be Temperanceville, at the corner of Bathurst Street and King Road. Most days, I think that one day I should see who is buried here, when they lived and when they died. Finally I did.

According to our Richmond Hill Public Library, the land that the cemetery rests on was deeded to the Presbyterian Church in 1853 by James Stewart. The stones in the cemetery are all either members of the Stewart family or descendants and in-laws.

The graves include:

James Stewart – b 22 July 1820, d 29 Aug 1889
Magdalene S. Rannie his wife, b 1820, d 1911
Harriet their daughter, wife of Thomas Chard, b 1862, d 1898

Henry Stewart, d 21 Mar 1871, aged 85 years

Agness Scott, wife of Henry Stewart, d 19 Sep 1854, aged 69 years

Agnes wife of Robert Scott, d 30 mar 1867, aged 30 years, 1 month

Sarah, wife of John Stewart, died 29 Sep 1854, aged 30 years

Ellen Jane Stewart, wife of George Norman, b 1 Feb 1852, d 8 Jul 1880

Charles Edward b Dec 1884, d 25 May 1889
George Rennie, b 18 Sep 1887, d 17 mar 1889
sons of George and Jane? Stewart

Agnes Rogers 1812-1907

Jullie, daughter of …and Agnes Rogers, d 13 Dec 1882, aged 26 years

Eliza, wife of Robert Stewart, d 12 Apr 1860, aged 34 years

Mary Stewart wife of Thomas Folliott, d 30 Sep 1885, aged 69 years
Thomas Folliott, d 21 Aug 1886, aged 75 years, 4 months & 6 days

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