The side of the stone reads NETTLETON and the top face reads JOHN CHAS. 1908-1970 HUSBAND; MARGERY E. 1911-1093 WIFE and it is in a cemetery in Sarnia, ON.

Not much to go on to trace a client’s grandparents and the rest of her ancestors. Most assuredly a challenge. Luckily the Nettleton surname is not terribly common and it would seem that her grandparents both had middle names – always a plus when trying to narrow down the right records.

Ontario birth records should be available for 1908 and 1911 but the marriage record and death records will be protected by privacy laws so newspapers are going to play an important role in making sure I have the right family. I’m thinking of using this client report for my BCG (Board for Certification of Genealogists) client report so I won’t say anything further about this search until I decide for sure.

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