I can’t find any signs of Jessie Bond in the Montreal directories from 1894 until 1900 but I know that she married Thomas? Sullivan (although the 1901 census says Thimotee, groom) before 1901.

In 1900/1901 to 1901/1902 Sullivan, Thomas, a groom, is listed at 9 St Genevieve in Saint-Antoine, Montreal.

By 1902/03 and 1903/04, Thomas appears to have died and Jessie is listed as Sullivan, Mrs wid JH bgd house at 157 Mance.

There is no sign of her in 1904/05 to 1907/08 but her next husband appears, so maybe she is married to him:  Williams, Donald, labourer, 254 St. Martin.

There is no listing in 1908/09 or 1909/10 but in 1910/11 until 1911/12 there is Williams, D, labourer, 267 St Charles Borromee.

There is no listing in 1912/13.

In 1913/14 there is Williams, Mrs Jessie, news agent, 164 Lagauchetiere West.

In 1914/15 there is Williams, Jessie, 121 Dalhousie

In 1915/16 until 1917/18 there is Williams, Jessie, wid Donald, 121 Dalhousie.

From 1918/19 to 1922/23 there is no listing but the address of 121 Dalhousie is still there but blank.

From 1923/24 to 1925/26 there is Williams, Mrs J wid D, 363 Boyer

From 1926/27 untill her death in 1941, there is Williams, Mrs J wid D, 4813 Boyer which is the address on her death certificate.

In 1942, a Clark, PR lives at that address.

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