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While this section is called reviews, it is more a place where I can share what I’ve found that has helped me with my family history research in one way or another. I review books, gadgets, software and websites and share my honest opinions and observations. Also in the review section, you will find listings of the blogs that I follow on Feedly, an RSS feed reader, to keep up with the latest news, best advice and all the family history fun. Feel free to follow along!

SnapScan is my new best friend
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When I first started doing genealogical research in earnest, office supplies, especially paper and ink…More

William Cullen

One of the eminent physicians of his time, Dr William Cullen (1710 – 1790) was…More

Thumbs up for Evidentia

Last week, I decided to do a full review of Evidentia and I’ve downloaded the 14…More

Ed Thomson's Evidentia program

In 2012, Ed Thompson created a new type of genealogy program. He felt that while there…More