Social History is not concerned with politics and wars, or kings and presidents, but rather with the lives of ordinary people. It is a view of history from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. Looking through the lens of the past will enhance your understanding of how people lived, worked and played in their daily lives. It is often the minutia of someone’s life that tells the story of who they were and what they believed in. Beyond names and dates, those who came before us have a story to tell, and by learning about their time and place and how they lived in it, we can add to our understanding of who they were.

Child Mortality

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Staple Ingredients

Although early settlers in Upper Canada sought to supply their needs from their own labours…More

Sawmill at Upper Canada Village

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Taylor's Cooperage circa 1850 now at Black Creek Pioneer Village

Taylor’s Cooperage is currently part of Black Creek Pioneer Village. The building is c 1850 and was originally located in Paris, Ontario. Coopers produced barrels like those shown in the photograph as well as casks and buckets.

Social History Writing Prompt

The best way to learn more about our ancestors is to write about their lives,…More