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According to the similarly named Facebook Page, ‘the Victorian Wars Forum is a free online resource for the serious academic study of the wars and campaigns fought by Great Britain and her Empire during the reign of Queen Victoria. The forum also seeks to help those researching family ancestors or other individual soldiers and sailors who served between 1837 and 1902. In February 2010 the forum was awarded “Best for Advice” in the BBC magazine Who Do You Think You Are.’

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Whether you are researching your military ancestors or are just interested in the history of the British Military in the Victorian period between 1837 and 1902, this forum seems to hold a lot of answers. Learn and ask question about:

  • Canada 1837-1901
  • First and second Afghan Wars 1839-80
  • China Wars 1842-1900
  • First & second Sikh Wars 1845-49
  • Maori Wars 1845-66
  • Cape Frontier Wars 1846-78
  • Crimean War 1854-56
  • Indian Mutiny 1857-59
  • Ashantee Wars 1863-1900
  • Zulu War 1879
  • Transvaal Rebellion 1880-81
  • Egypt & Sudan 1882-98
  • Boer War 1899-1902
  • The North West Frontier of India 1837-1901
  • Other Victorian Campaigns 1837-1901
  • The Edwardian & Immediate Pre-First World War Period 1901-14

For more general questions, choose between boards on the Army, the Royal Navy, the uniforms, insignia, equipment and medals, the weapons and the tactics and find all kinds of useful links to other resources or view user posted photographs.

A great resource for British Military History.


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The Victorian Wars Forum is exactly what it sounds like and a great deal of expert advice is to be found in its pages. The best thing about history is that it doesn't change so even threads created years ago are still relevant today.

97% Expert Advice

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