FIBIS: Families in British India Society is a charity association that has many resources for those who have ancestors from British India. Search their database for names and dates or explore their wiki or image gallery for the background information about your ancestor’s lives in British India.


The following resource descriptions are available from the FIBIS home page:


The FIBIS database currently contains more than 1.2 million names


Find out more about the lives your ancestors lived on the FIBIS Wiki with guides, lists sources and general background information about the culture, society and history of India during the period from 1600 to 1947.

Image Gallery

Browse or search the collection of images of British India


A collection of Google Books, the FIBIS library includes books on topics related to British India

Social Network

Connect with other people searching for your ancestors using the Facebook style FIBIS Social Network area. You can create your own photo albums and special interest groups and watch videos of past lectures. (for members only)


Learn more about researching British India with beginner to expert guides, purchase/renew members or book research assistance.

FIBIS Membership

Membership in the society is £15 per year for those in the UK, £16 per year for those in Europe or £18 for overseas memberships.

Web Hosting


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