At Moulton’s Original Machine Warehouse, near Aldgate, London, are continued to be sold in their greatest Perfection. His most useful Machine Washing-Engine, whole Qualifications are well known to the greatest Part of the Universe, in preserving the Linnen, saving Labour, Soap, and Fuel, and that a great Degree, beyond Contradiction; as also his late improved Brass-Work, which goes as easy as the Motion of a Watch, and gives general Satisfaction, and are found to be the most expeditious and advantageous, from known Experience, of any ever thought of. As there are some made which tend to the Disgrace than the Recommendation of so valuable an Instrument, to prevent Imposition, my Name and Place of Abode are stampt on them as under, J. MOULTON, ALDGATE, Fecit. They are made from 4s. to 24 s. Brass ones £1 11s. 6d. [1]Ipswich Journal – Saturday February 1755

Image Credits: The Gentlemen's Magazine 1752


1 Ipswich Journal – Saturday February 1755
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