I was reviewing social bookmarking websites this morning for a course I’m taking called “Social Media for the Wise Genealogist” at the National Institute for Genealogical Studies.

I tried Delicious but it did not like Internet Explorer and wanted me to use Firefox instead.  I tried Diigo but found it cumbersome.  I had really hoped that I would like one of these bookmarking sites since I often wish I had my list of Genealogy bookmarks when I’m off doing research and don’t have my laptop along.

Then I had one of those Eureka moments!

I opened my “Favorites” in Internet Explorer, chose the “Import and Export” option, and then chose “Export to file”.   I checked only the “Favorites” box and then selected my “Genealogy” folder from my favorites list and exported it to a file which I named ”GenealogyBookmarks.htm”.  I then saved this file in my public dropbox folder.

Now, wherever I am, I can just log into my dropbox account, go to my public folder and click on the bookmark file and there are my bookmarks!

If I want to share my links with another genealogist, all I have to do is send them the link to my bookmark page.  (Open the “My Dropbox” folder on my computer, open “Public”, right click on my bookmark file and go to Dropbox/Copy Public Link).

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