By W. Jackson, in the High-Street, Oxford, are sold,

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]ibles and Testaments, and Common Prayers, of all Sizes and in a Variety of Bindings, printed at the Oxford Press; – as also the New publications of every Kind; with the Magazines, Reviews, Weekly Numbers, &c. &c. &c.

Stationary Wares, viz. Writing Paper of all Kinds, Wholesale and Retail; Gilt, Plain, and Black-edged; Playing Cards, Message Cards, and Visiting Ditto, in elegant Compartments; – sealing wax, red, blue, and black; – Shining Sand, Pens, Quills, black-lead pencils, Cake Ink, liquid Ink black and red, and black and red Ink Powders.

Shop books, and Paper Books, of all Kinds and Sizes, ruled and plain; Slates and Slate Pencils, Paper Cafes, Copy and Memorandum Books, Dictionaries, Spelling books, and a Variety of Little Books for Children.

Stamped paper and parchment for Deeds, &c. blank Bonds of various Forms, Warrants of Attorney, Letters of Attorney, Ale and Marriage Licences, Sacramental Certificates, Apprentice Indentures, &c. &c. with very fine unstamped parchments of all sizes, curious Vellum.

Warrants, summonses, Commitments, and blank Precedents of all Kinds relative the the Office of a Justice of the Peace; published under the Inspection of the late Francis Burton, Dsq; one of His Majesty’s Justices of the Peace for the Counties of Oxford and Northampton.

Superfine Flour of Mustard, from the New Seed, just arrived from Durham.

Dr. James’s Analeptic Pills and Fever Powders; – his Mild Powders for Children, and Powders for Cattle.

Glass’s Magnesia, in Guinea, Half Guinea, Six Shillings, and Three Shillings Boxes.

Beaume de Sante, a sovereign Remedy for Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, Hooping Coughs, &c.

Dr. Ward’s White Drop for the Scurvy; Paste for Fistulas; Effence for the Head Ache; Liquid Sweat; Dropsy Powders, Red Pills, &c. &c.

Dr. Hill’s Effence of Water Dock; Tincture of Valerian; Canada Balfam; Tincture of Sage; Balfam of Honey; Tincture of Spleenwort, Tincture of Centaury, &c. &c.

The True Original Daffy’s Elixir; Grant’s Chemical Drops; Turlington’s Balfam; Friar’s Balfam; British Oil; Bateman’s Drops; Radcliffe’s Elixer; Stoughton’s bitters; Golden Spirits of Scurvy Grass; and Dr. Godfrey’s Cordial.

Anderson’s Scotch Pills; Hooper’s Pills; Tolu Lozenges; Stomach Lozenges; Story’s and Kenrick’s Worm Cakes; Corn Plaisters and Corn Pcase.

Banks’s Tincture for the Teeth; Greenough’s Tincture for the Teeth; Pearl Denrifice, Essence of Pearl, Eau de Luce, Essential Salt of Lemon, and Ladies Sticking Plaister.

Dutton’s Lip Salve, and Lotion for the Eyes; Edwards’s Ague Tincture; Rowley’s  British Herb Snuff and Tobacco; Cephalie Snuff; English Coffee; and Swede’s Tea.

Hypo Drops; Walker’s Jesuits Drops, and Specific Electuary; Smith’s Specific Drops, and Restorative Cordial; and Leake’s Pills, and Drops.

Andrews’s Powders and Brushes for cleaning Gentlemen’s Clothes from Spots; Patent Blacking Cakes for Shoes, &c. &c.

Gentlemen may also be regularly supplied by giving their Orders to any of the Distributors of the Oxford Journal.


From the Oxford Journal, Saturday 11 July 1778


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