Choices and Changes


In December 2015, Ancestry rocked the genealogy community when they suddenly announced that they would be discontinuing Family Tree Maker, effective immediately. Users were outraged and heated protests began flooding in. Ancestry, overwhelmed by the response, announced on 2 February that they had listened and were offering two solutions. Software MacKiev, developers of the Mac version, is acquiring the Family Tree Maker software for both Windows and Mac and will continue to publish future versions for both operating systems. Ancestry also announced that they had signed an agreement with RootsMagic, to connect Ancestry with their software by the end of this year. So what exactly do all these changes mean for the genealogy community? These are early days, but ultimately, it will mean that genealogists who are looking for a program that works seamlessly with Ancestry will now have choices.

Barbara J Starmans is a social historian, freelance writer and obsessed genealogist living in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and has been doing genealogical research for the past 35 years. She is a graduate of the National Institute for Genealogical Studies in Toronto, Canada with professional learning certificates in General Methodology and in English Records and recently become an instructor for them with an intermediate course on Social History.

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