Mobile Monday - Feedly for Genealogy

On September 14, Feedly introduced the latest version of their app, available for both iOS and Android. With their new slick look, simple navigation, and the option to sync with Google Reader, Feedly is one of the best news readers available for your phone or tablet – and it’s FREE!

Feedly is a news reader or feed aggregator. It enables you to subscribe to and view the latest blog posts from your favourite genealogy bloggers, organize them, save them for later or share them with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Evernote, Dropbox and more, as you read.

Genealogy and TechnologyDownload Feedly from the iTunes store for your iPhone and iPad or from Google Play for your Android phone or tablet.

Open the application and login with your Google account. Sync with Google Reader if you’ve already subscribed to blogs there.


At the top left-hand corner of the app, there is a symbol showing three horizontal lines. Tap it to view the menu choices: View Today, Latest, Saved for Later or whatever categories you have created. Scroll further down to view more: History, Edit Content, Switch Theme (light and dark background available), Settings and Logout. Under settings, you can set your start page, select whether or not to automatically mark posts as read when you scroll passed them on the screen, adjust the font sizes, add usernames and passwords for your Pocket account, Instapaper account and your account, add default email CC or BCC’s for articles shared by email or set your refresh interval.

Genealogy and Technology

To add a new blog to Feedly, tap the star symbol at the top right hand side of the screen and type in your search terms. Click the + sign beside a blog to add it.

Scroll through the headlines by swiping to the left or tap on an article to view in full screen. Use a long tap on an article to save it for off-line reading. When viewing an article, tap the vertical row of three dots on the top right-hand corner to view your sharing options.

Technology for Genealogy

Not only is Feedly for mobile an awesome news reader for iOS and Android, but it is also available for your laptop or desktop. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on Feedly browser add-ins and extensions.

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