A new Turner cousin found me through a query I posted to www.curiousfox.com! 

 By my calculations, Nigel is my fourth cousin and he is descended from Martha Turner, Eliza Turner’s sister.  According to Nigel, Martha married John Cornwall in the 1860’s in Staffordshire and they moved to Barrow-in-Furness and then Oldham in Lancashire.  I wonder if they knew Eliza’s side of the family?  That branch of the family stayed in Oldham and Aston under Lyne having a total of 10 children.  Their oldest daughter, Jemima Eliza Cornwall, married Charles Etchells in 1894 in Ashton-under-Lyne and their son, John Henry Etchells, married Nellie Williams in Oldham in about 1919.  These are Nigel’s grandparents and they still live in the Aston under Lyne area. 

Nigel knows nothing further about Winifred Corfell’s Irish roots, but like me, is very curious. 

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