In July 2012, Google announced that it would be shutting down iGoogle as of November 1st, 2013.

Since then, I’ve been searching for alternatives and Symbaloo is ticking a number of boxes on my iGoogle replacement wish list. It looks and feels a lot like my favorite Chrome extension: Speed Dial.

Symbaloo functions as a graphical bookmarking system for your favourite news sources, RSS feeds and websites and it allows you to create your own web-mixes, save them and share them. Your account preferences are stored in the Cloud so you can reach your Symbaloo home page from anywhere.

It is completely FREE!
There is no advertising.
It can be accessed from any device.

Limited ‘ready made’ content available for genealogy
Creating your own tiles can be time consuming


Web Hosting


  1. Personally, I don´t like Symbaloo. I am convinced that a recently launched service called myLinkCloud will be an awesome iGoogle alternative. myLinkCloud allows much more freedom than iGoogle. It´s still in Beta with widgets like RSS feeds, weather etc. yet to come, but I can easily share link collections with friends or colleagues. But see for yourself

    • Hi Leona, it looks like it could be interesting however, I had some trouble with their website. I’ll have to check back later when they’ve had more time in Beta.

      • What kind of problems did you have bjstarmans? I love the service and the developers quickly respond to any kind of feedback. Please let me know what problems you had in which browser and I´ll pass it on. Thanks!

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