This is the last Will and Testament of me Thomas Bulmer of Fleetham in the parish of Kirby Fleetham in the County of York Yeoman made the 15 day of January eighteen hundred and sixty three I give and devise All and singular my dwellinghouses [sic] or tenements gardens herditements [sic] and premises with their as appurtences [sic] situated and being in the township of Fleetham aforesaid unto my son James Bulmer his hairs or assigns upon trust and consideration that he pays my said daughters the following sums of money Jane Mary Marthew [sic – s/b Martha] and Ann the sum of twenty five pounds each twelve months after my wife’s death.  Any to my said daughter Margret Bulmer the sum of fifty pounds at the aforesaid time my wife Mary Bulmer to have the rents of the above houses during the term of her natural life I give and devise all my messuages [sic] or tenements lands and herditaments situated at or near Streatlam [sic – s/b Streetlam] in township of Danby Wiske in the said North Riding and County unto and to the use of my son Robert Bulmer his heirs and assigns for his sole youse [sic] subject to the payment of a hundred pounds to be paid towards the following legases to my said sons and daughters William Jane Marthew [sic – s/b Martha] Elisabet and Margret Bulmer the sum of one hundred pounds each and to my said daughters Mary and Ann the sum of fifty pounds each.  And I give to my said son John the sum of one hundred pounds in case he shall be shall be [sic] living at the time of my decease and claim or demand payment thereof within ten years from my decease but not otherwise  And subject to and chargable with the said last mentioned legases or sums of money and to be paid twelve months after my decease I give and device I give to my said wife Mary Bulmer all my household furniture & goods plate and other articles in and about my present dwelling house and also the sum of twenty pounds for her own sole and separate use and benefit I give the sum of thirty pounds to the children of my late daughter Christiana deceased if shall live to attain the age of twenty one years with the interest received in the meantime for the same And I direct the same sums to be placed out at interest in some Bank until payable I give to my Grandson William Bulmer the son of my said daughter Ann Bulmer the sum of twenty pounds when he attains the age of twenty one years with the interest which may have become due and been received in the mean time for the same  And subject to the payment of all my just debts funeral expences  [sic] and testamental expences and the said legases of twenty pounds thirty pounds and twenty pounds I give and bequeath all the residue and remainder of my personal estate and effects unto all my said sons and daughters now living except my sons John William and James Bulmer

To be equally  divided between or amongst them share and share alike  I hereby apoint [sic] my said son Robert Bulmer Executor of this my last Will and Testament and I declare and direct that my said son Robert Bulmer his heirs executers [sic] and administraters [sic] and assigns respectably actually receive by virtue of this my will  And that he or any one else shall not be answerable for any involentry [sic] loss or damage wich [sic] may happen in the execution of the trusts hearby in him or them reposed respectly  And that it shall and may be lawfull [sic]to and for my said trustee and executor by and out of the monies which shall come to his or their respective hands by virtue of this my will to retain and reimburse him or themselves respectably all costs charges damages and expences [sic] which he or they respectably shall or may suffer sustain expend or be put into in or about the aforsaid [sic] trust or execution or in any way relating theirto [sic]  And lastley [sic] I hearby revoke all former Wills In Witness whearof [sic] I have hearunto [sic] set my hand and seal the day and year first herein written  And further I appoint my said son Robert Bulmer to pay to my daughter Elenr & daughter Mary Elizabeth Croft the sum of thirty five pounds when she attains the age of twenty one years the said money to be put out with interest as and for her benefit by Robert Bulmer trustee_______Thomas Bulmer TB  Signed sealed published and declared by the said Thomas Bulmer the testator as and for his last will and Testament in the presence of us who at his request and in presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as wittnesses [sic] thereof  John Castling_____Jane Merrington  15 Jan 1863

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