Dawn brought yet another view of the ocean from my balcony. The ocean is amazing, always changing and always beautiful!

Newport is busier than Shanklin where my hotel is but still has that “lost in time” feel about it.

I’ve sorted out the shortest way to the archives now, past the little park where the swans and ducks swim.

Then past the marina area where I can imagine it gets very busy during the season:

The road leading to the archives is called Hillside for a very good reason. I’m usually out of breath by the time I make it to the top!

I had an eventful day going to the archives what with my bus there breaking down and then on the way back I got over anxious and got off at the town limits, giving myself about a mile and a half walk home. Not normally a big deal but I had 20 pounds on my back and it was threatening to rain the whole way. Luckily it only sprinkled and there’s so many trees that I didn’t even get wet. Sure glad to see my hotel though.

I had a huge plate of fish n chips in Newport for lunch so I think I’ll snack on my goodies here and have a quiet night planning for my last two days. Need to go back to the archives (my batteries on my magic wand gave out this afternoon with more index cards left to scan) and I want to do some grave yard stomping. Tomorrow looks like the nicer day so I think I’ll plan to go walk about then and go back to the archives Thursday. It is costing me £2.50 to use the scanner, the digital camera fee, but well worth it instead of trying to scribble everything down. The other researchers are envious 🙂

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