I was going to buy a cheap camera but the chap at Jessops set me up with a universal voltage battery charger for something like 20 quid that works with my camera battery and most other batteries.  I get to the archives and pay for another day using my digital scanner and set to work.  There are a huge number of Wearn cards to get through and a ton of Matthews.  I also remember to ask again about George Williams’ Troublefield Farm and the archivist finds me a survey map and description of the property.

For lunch I try a different pub.  It doesn’t seem to know what it wants to be.  It serves Chinese but looks like a pub.  I order a salad – something the British don’t seem to eat much of and I’ve been missing my greens.

Back at the archives, I finish up my scanning with about 10 minutes to spare before closing and say goodbye to the staff and thank them for all their help.  The Record Office is currently under review for funding and I hope that it gets approved.  I’ve filled out a form and taken a spare to send to some of my ‘cousins’ with ancestors on the IOW.

I have a quiet night in my room, charging my camera battery, my phones and netbook and packing ready for my departure early Friday morning.  I finish up my wine and my goodies and walk up to the village to dispose of the evidence!  I stop in at the “Village Inn” for a glass of wine before heading back and chat with a guy from Australia.  He was originally from Shanklin and moved down under about twenty years ago.  He’s back for his father’s hundredth birthday party.  Clearly the Island life is good for longevity!

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